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Case Workshops

Action Design offers workshops customized to the client context. For example, in recent years we have conducted workshops with:

  • Intact leadership teams
  • Marketing teams that need to work closely with Research and Sales;
  • Project leaders responsible for supervising financial analysts on a deal;
  • Group leaders who facilitate decision meetings;
  • Scientists, modelers, and engineers seeking to create a collaborative work culture.

Action Design workshops are built around personal dialogue cases written by participants and small group work facilitated by seasoned coaches. This is a powerful learning and development method because it provides intensive focus on challenging work situations chosen by participants and because it enables them to see how their own behavior and assumptions may get in their way. Role play, feedback, and coaching offer practical guidance going forward.

In Case Workshops participants often write their cases about situations they have in common. For example, a group of product managers might write cases about difficult interactions with stakeholders in the product development process. Members of an intact leadership team might write cases about efforts to create alignment among their departments.

Working with colleagues in a Case Workshop provides several benefits:

  • Participants share craft knowledge for handling the particular situations they encounter in their work setting;
  • Participants develop a shared language and set of skills for handling difficult situations productively and can support each other in using the skills;
  • Participants often develop deeper personal connections and sense of meaning in their work through the experience of being open with each other in the service of learning;
  • Participants identify organizational opportunities and barriers as they emerge in different case situations and can improve their ability to address them constructively.

Case Workshops can be a component of team development. Participation in a workshop can also be a useful adjunct to leadership coaching.

An essential aspect of the Action Design approach is work in small groups with a seasoned coach. We have developed an exceptional cadre of coaches over the past fifteen years. This makes it possible for us to work with entire departments simultaneously, breaking into small case groups, each with its own coach.